The majestic Taishin Bank Tower stands approximately 120 meters tall with an elegant architectural design that is become a new urban landmark in the city of Taipei. Conceived by the renowned architecture firm of Pei Cobb Freed & Partners, the tower’s curvilinear shape mimics that of nearby Jenai Circle, which inspired a uniquely dynamic lighting design by Fisher Marantz Stone (FMS).

“The architect’s concept for the building plan allowed the curve of Jenai Circle to inflect the shape of the building, so we were working with an interesting curve - almost like the shape of a sail in the wind”, said Charles Stone, President of FMS. “The second part of the lighting concept called for the introduction of a digital ‘ticker’ sign like those in Times Square. This idea evolved into a low-resolution information façade, with the overall impression of a building standing in the wind in the center of Taipei”.

To bring the dynamic lighting design to life, approximately 500 ColorBlast’ 12 units were enclosed within light boxes in seven horizontal rows along the façade. Each of the light boxes is controlled individually, allowing for a series of eight intricate light shows.

At night, a fine balance of dark and white light set the tone, defining boundaries, and accentuating the shape of the building; while programmable color changing lights provide an additional dimension. At a slower frequency, soft, subtle color changing adds depth and value to the building, bringing the architecture and shape to life by animating the building’s ‘pulse’ while higher frequency color allows for additional festive lighting, showcasing the full capability of the lighting design.

According to Stone, the first of the shows is designed to introduce the façade lighting elements; starting with a simple demonstration, establishing communication, and slowly showing the power and capability of the lighting design. Next white show consists of pale, unsaturated colors scrolling across the building from left to right, creating a subtle animated effect. Conversely, color show consists of strong, saturated colors that create a bolder effect. These shows are scheduled to loop seamlessly. The five remaining shows each signal the top of the hour between 7:00 and 11:00 pm.

With its prominent stature and colorfully animated façade, the tower merges the very best of 21st century architecture and light.

Project partners:

Pei Cobb Freed Architects