“Nana – unique examples in series” relies on the tension emerging from the connection of contrasts. Such is the melding of old and new, sumptuousness and unpretentiousness, moments and permanence; out of a set of unique examples, a uniform and yet varied series takes shape.
At the beginning of every Nana-light, there is an old, worn, ‘granny-style’ second-hand lamp. This lamp is then completely refurbished, both technically and visually, varnished white and equipped with a new, Nana-like, slightly lop-sided and crumpled white shade.
Despite their partly opulent form, the Nana-lights – in their consistently white appearance – have an objective, unpretentious effect. As the collection is fully based on second-hand lights and every single shade is made individually by hand, each piece is unique. Yet the similar styling of the distinctive shades gives every single light the impression of uniqueness and standard model at the same time.

Design team: