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Short distances, creativity and productive communication: an open-planned office has plenty of advantages. Nevertheless, a well thought-out acoustic concept is required in order to reduce the reverberation time and act as a noise shield. The Frankfurt-based company, DREGER Information Technology, set their sights on sound absorbers manufactured by drapilux. The result speaks for itself.

DREGER Information Technology creates modern IT infrastructures. Not only are the services pioneering, the workplace for the team who advise, develop and optimise these processes ought to be future-proof too. “We implement new ideas for our clients on a daily basis. This requires exchanging ideas and a flexible and mobile working environment,” said Jens Dreger, Managing Director. “Consequently, we took the decision last year to modernise our workplace and turned to Silvio Mondello, an interior architect, and his company mondello:büroeinrichtung to completely renovate our old office.”

Walls were ripped out and replaced by lots of glass elements, which resulted in an office with much more natural daylight. A major focus was also placed on the seating concept. The team was growing, and more workplaces were needed for new recruits.

“Not only do we need creative teamwork, but we also have to ensure that everyone can focus on their tasks in peace and quiet”, one of the requirements set out by the managing director. The 1.20 metre-high noise barriers, erected between the electric workplaces, did not suffice alone to minimise the noise levels. Sound absorbers were needed too. “I tried out several different options and then came across the elements from drapilux, which had the greatest acoustic effect. Nothing else did the job properly”, added Dreger.

Acoustics and aesthetics in harmony sound absorber are flexible elements that enhance acoustics, can be integrated flexibly into existing architecture and also offer completely new design options. The absorbers consist of perforated folding elements made of 2-millimetre thick fire-retardant cellulose, which is covered with a scratch-resistant matt film. An acoustic fleece is applied to the inner sides of the elements. This, along with the holes in the cellulose body, provide ideal flow resistance and thus optimum sound absorption. Even the covering material absorbs noise. drapilux has attached great importance to complex and detailed analyses measuring reverberation time. The different absorption levels of the sound absorber products cover the most varied areas of frequency and can thus be applied flexibly to individual acoustic requirements.

Another benefit is the design: the fabric covers can be replaced at will, are washable and are available in numerous colours. Furthermore, they come with intelligent added functions which have a positive impact on well-being. They are flame-retardant, air-purifying and anti-bacterial. Dreger asked his team to help him choose a colour, which turned out to be one of the more muted shades with bright coloured accents.

sound absorbers are available as a ceiling or wall element in addition to cubes for the floor – DREGER IT decided on 130 wall elements. “You certainly notice how the absorbers suppress the echo,” commented Dreger. Another positive aspect is that they are easy to install: the wall elements are mounted using magnets. Dreger’s final statement about sound absorber: “It was well worth it!”


Silvio Mondello

Design Team


Property Owner / Client

Jens Dreger, Dreger IT