*Furniture with subtle colour effect

The radiating effect of colours forms the starting point for this range of small items of furniture. This effect occurs when surfaces hidden from view are covered in bold colours. The intense radiating ability of the colour itself means that the particular shade is reflected onto neighbouring white carcass sections or wall areas. Depending on the changing light situations in a room, this effect can be strong or subtle. The indirect colour impression gives the furniture a kind of “aura”.

Shelf Modules: The asymmetrical modules can be arranged into various shelf formations. Depending on the chosen structure, the arrangement is highly formal or lively. The tilted base prevents the books from falling over.

Side Table: The side tables two inner compartments can be used as storage room for magazines and books. The tabletop, sidewalls and feet seem to be made of a circumferential strip that appears linear or multidimensional depending on the angle of vision.

CD Board: The tilted frame of the shelving causes confusion depending on the perspective from which it is viewed. The object-like character can be enhanced further by combining several modules.