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Brandstorm's history with BOSS watches began in the course of 2005, when Movado Group Inc. acquired the license and prepared for a world-premiere launch of BOSS watches at Baselworld 2006, with 100m2 floor surface.
The architecture design competition was awarded to brandstorm with its “house of brand” concept, providing Movado Group Inc. with a unique platform truly reflecting the image codes of HUGO BOSS, to successfully introduce the brand into the world of watch making.
Brandstorm's primary goal was to create an architecture most suitable to showcase BOSS watches, in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

Architectural concept:
Pure lines, sharp edges and a combination of soft and rough materials, such as grainy linoleum applied on walls, black mirror-lacquered ceilings and oak floors, blending into complimentary colors, make the HUGO BOSS booth the perfect case to present its watch creations.
The ultimate architecture challenge resided in creating a ground floor suspended window where the watches would float mid-air in a glass cube, that would not vibrate whilst visitors walk around the first floor of a trade show booth made of steel and wood, that is temporary.

Brand architecture:
Beyond the booth itself, brandstorm has been called by the watch brand to create a window dressing concept in accordance with the corporate advertising campaign, renewed year-after-year.
This truly defines brand architecture, whereas the watch is showcased in its ideal brand environment, from the moment visitors step onto the booth up until the immediate vicinity of the product itself.

Architectural functionality:
The architecture mandate from Movado Group Inc. specifically mentioned that other brands would be added onto the initial HUGO BOSS structure in subsequent years, hence brandstorm responded with the "house of brands" concept, where each hold its own individual brand identity.
From 2007 and onwards, these brands have been Lacoste and Coach, for a total of 260m2 of floor surface.

Exhibition stand construction: Andreas Messerli AG, Kommunikation im Raum, Wetzikon/Zürich


MGI – Movado Group Inc.

Design team:

The Brandstorm
Raphael Henry With Carole Hubscher / Marc Henry

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