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Starting out as an underground supper club the Lazy Bear Restaurant has grown into one of the most exclusive dinner experiences in San Francisco distrupting the typical fine dining model and serving New American cuisine. Awarded with two Michelin stars the restaurant serves 14-plus courses from their seasonal monthly rotating menu. The guests need to purchase a ticket beforehand and with huge interest, glorious reviews and a mailing list of over 43,000 people, the tickets sell out quickly.

Lazy Bear restaurant is located in an industrial space with 24 feet high ceilings and no walls between the kitchen and the dining room, creating an airy layout that incorporates rustic elements with a modern twist. The elegant mid-century modern interior incorporates long communal dining tables, cozy Mezzanine overlooking the open kitchen where chefs take center stage and the curved Curv8 Oak flooring giving an unique look to the exclusive restaurant.


Lazy Bear Restuarant

Project partners:

Amber Flooring & AbMo Architects

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