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The Raccard may be old but is fitted with high-quality equipment and materials, both inside and out, using many environmentally and ecologically high-quality natural products. The architectural details incorporate modern alpine influences. The building is elegant and the construction standard high.

Technically speaking, the cellar floor and ceiling were constructed using reinforced concrete, while the remaining ceilings use wood panel elements. All exterior walls are insulated on the inside. The old façade has been maintained, with changes made only where new windows were needed.
The roof was covered with new, hand-made wooden shingles. Insulation was added between the rafters. The intermediate walls were constructed using brick and lightweight structures.

The modern heating wall system is operated with a granary pellet stove. The sanitary facilities were constructed with extremely high-quality materials, such as: Corian shower bases, all-glass shower partitions and integrated mirror cabinets. The kitchen is elegant and of outstanding quality.
The flooring uses oiled solid wood parquet and panels. The partition walls and heating wall were constructed using high- quality loam plaster. The interior is of the highest quality, and is modern, clean, environmentally friendly and sustainable, avoiding any sign of Alpine kitsch.


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