• Signature Woods - 1,0 mm | Wharf Oak

    Signature Woods - 1,0 mm | Wharf Oak


  • Signature Stones - 1,0 mm | Kura Anise

    Signature Stones - 1,0 mm | Kura Anise


In the shopping centre "Das Es" in Esslingen, a stylish combination shop of the Häfele butcher's shop and the Zoller bakery has been created - the Esszimmer. The modern furniture and the unusual flooring from Amtico exude an atmosphere that invites you to pause for a while. EP129 Pleat from the premium Signature collection was laid on 138 square metres. This pattern of simple beauty is enhanced by precise lines and a balanced design. The five-colour pattern provides decorative detail and brings modern colour to imaginative combinations. The change in the direction of laying on the surface also adds an exciting dynamic. On the large main area, four seating areas were visually highlighted by two more Amtico installation patterns. Two areas were fitted with a total of 28 square metres of EP101 Basket Weave. This timeless classic is given a new aesthetic and elegance by the sophisticated arrangement of planks and square tiles, and forms an exciting contrast to the pleat surface, especially due to the natural, light wood look of the selected decor Lime Washed Wood. Two further surfaces were fitted with the Key Stone installation pattern, which was added to the collection at the end of 2018. This mini version of Key Stone is characterised by its small-format squares and mini tiles combined in bold geometry. The decors used in this installation pattern bring an exciting mix of colours to the pattern.
All three installation patterns were used in the Endless Possibilities variant. The selected installation patterns from the Designers' Choice series were configured here with specially selected colours from the Signature collection.
Especially in areas with high customer traffic, it is important to have flooring that is not only visually convincing but also hard-wearing. Floor coverings from Amtico combine an extraordinary variety of designs with high-quality product characteristics. The products in the Signature premium collection are extremely easy to clean and particularly robust thanks to their wear layer of 1.0 mm thickness. This combination of style and function makes them ideal for projects in a wide range of industries, from retail to education, from hospitality and leisure to healthcare.


Deko Design GmbH & Co. KG

  • Signature Stones - 1,0 mm | Stria Basalt

    Signature Stones - 1,0 mm | Stria Basalt


  • Signature Woods - 1,0 mm | Lime Washed Wood

    Signature Woods - 1,0 mm | Lime Washed Wood


  • Signature Stones - 1,0 mm | Graphite Slate

    Signature Stones - 1,0 mm | Graphite Slate