ZinX® is a new brand created by the new Dutch designer Gerard der Kinderen in 2009.
As creating furniture and specifically tables has already been done in his family for three generations, he decided to start his own label based on the wishes and possibilities of today.

Sustainable, environmentally friendly, and build to last. Honest materials, such as oak, walnut, glass, leather, aluminium and zinc are the most important ones, combined with an honest design. Simple, basic, but with a soul.
Produced in the Netherlands, using high tech CNC machinery combined with traditional craftsmanship, means short delivery times and high quality. The collection consists of tables designed to be used indoors, in the home, the office or in the contract market. A part of the collection can be used outdoors as well.
Remarkable in the collection are the tables with a zinc table top. A completely new way of using zinc in the furniture industry was developed.
The collection consists of tables that have character and will last longer than a lifetime.

ZinX has developed a new ‘tailor made’ marketing strategy for these changing times.
People have changed, the market has changed, the influence of the internet is getting more and more important. Furniture brands need to work with professional consultants. They are the interface between the brand and the discerning customer.
ZinX is a brand version 3.0. The professional gets a commission and does not need to buy and resell the products. He only has to advise them to the end-user. ZinX delivers directly to customers in the Netherlands, Belgium and a large part of Germany. Outside these areas products are shipped and need to be assembled by the buyer.
Local European production became less possible, thus losing craftsmanship and employment. By cutting out the traditional trade margins ZinX makes it possible to deliver top quality products at affordable prices.

ZinX is all about pure furniture.

Your new: living-room table, home-office table, terrace-table, kitchen-table, meeting-table, dining-table, work-table, family-table, desk table, garden-table, flex-work-table, writing table, reading-table…