Yazgan Design Architecture is an Ankara based architectural design and construction firm founded by Kerem Yazgan, PhD. Architect, and Begüm Yazgan, PhD. Architect, in 2003. Since the time of its foundation, the company has signed many architectural, interior design and landscape projects that are more than 3.500.000 square meters in total and that are located in diverse countries, such as Turkey, Northern Cyprus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Libya, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Iraq and Ghana. The company has the capacity to make projects of different programs and scales covering concept, design development and construction phases. Mixed-use buildings, retail, hotel, residential, office, educational buildings, hospitals, cultural centers, airports, sport complexes, are some of the types which are in the company portfolio, along with landscape design, interior design and graphic design projects. The firm carries on interior and landscape constructions as well; beside the project services.

Yazgan Design Architecture is the contractor of three basic services related with design and construction. The first one is “project services”, meaning the services related with the development of architectural, interior and landscape projects of diverse phases, which are, concept design, design development, final design, construction drawings, specifications and tender documentation. The second one is “coordination services”, meaning the services related with the coordination of architectural works with the disciplines of civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, infrastructure engineering, soil engineering and with the consultants concerning traffic, fire, lighting, acoustic and bill of quantities. The third one is “construction services”, meaning the services related with the construction of interior spaces and areas of landscaping.

Yazgan Design Architecture carries on works in a 400 square-meter-office located in the city center of Ankara. It follows systematic design and project processes through its staff organization and working methods. The company has an experienced staff with architects, landscape designers, draftsmen, graphic designers and IT experts. The staff is eligible to deal with and to quickly respond to revisions in the projects. It has diverse hierarchical groups within itself, organized into teams due to the scale of projects, with the architects as the team leaders and draftsmen as the specialists. The project services are achieved with the help of an advanced computer network system, hardware equipment such as plotters, printers, scanners, and CAD stations, which the software is legally registered, and are shared through ftp sites with the employers, contractors, and clients.