The story behind Xilobis
Without the dream or vision of being able to make and sell a flexible furniture system with innovative bindings Xilobis would not exist. This belief in a solution and the requisite perseverance will continue to shape the company's ideas. Because Xilobis embodies several years of persistent development of a new type of furniture system whose flexible connections clearly set it apart from the rest of the field. From the creation of the idea in 2003 to a mature prototype that could be produced efficiently on a production line, much time has passed and some financial hardship had to be suffered. Many attempts were needed before the right materials could be processed so precisely that the full flexibility of the furniture could be supported by the sophisticated interplay of ball, cable, wood and precisely milled cavities and the desired stability was ensured. The product, which has been perfected over a number of years, is protected by patent and despite scarce advertising has a growing, extremely loyal and satisfied customer base. In 2012, the new binding method was awarded the Lignum Prize. The dream has become a reality - or are you still using screws?

The history of ball and cable
In 2001 they met at the Holzpreis Schweiz furniture design awards and two years later the innovative ball and cord binding system was born. While Mario Bissegger then optimized a procedure in which he could replace plugs and screws with steel balls, Stefan Pluess was awarded a prize for designing furniture which was fastened together with cables. But it was the combination of the two binding components which enabled the development of a practical yet elegant piece of furniture. In addition to the flexibility of design, which requires no tools or tedious screws, the positive benefits of this binding system are that it is light, space-saving, can be transported when moving and takes up little space when stored.
The properties of these bindings allow for flexibility and optimize the use of the furniture, ensuring its unique simplicity and constant versatility. When the furniture is in place, the connecting elements adopt their static function and also shape the visual appearance. The product has no unnecessary components. It represents intelligent design in every aspect and is innovative furniture of the highest quality and with maximum practicality. The combination of a sophisticated binding system, a clean design and a mobile system allows for a simplicity and versatility that is the first of its kind. This inspires playful, fresh home and office combinations.

We always manage to exceed our customers' expectations and amaze with our uniqueness. This is possible because…
… the rigorous design is both functional and timeless,
… the precise processing of the raw material, wood, is impressive,
… no screws or fittings are required,
… the ball and cable technology is very stable,
… the connecting elements are an important part of the design,
… the flexible binding system allows you to assemble, dismantle and reassemble as many times as you wish,
… it can be expanded and added to over time,
… it can be adjusted to your spatial and visual needs in a few easy steps,
… the furniture is easy to assemble and requires no tools,
… it is light, compact and easy to transport and requires little storage space,
… individual design plans and orders are stored by the furniture designers in a personal account and
can be added to at any time,
… the furniture designers also available in a very pleasant setting,
… creativity benefits from planning that is not constrained by time,
… the endless combinations allow for playfully designed furniture,
… it's just fun to be creative!

We are here because …
… we give of our best in all that we do,
… we bring joy to our customers' homes and offices,
… we meet needs and exceed our customers' expectations,
… we use natural raw materials with respect and efficiently,
… we are economical with the company's resources,
… we treat our customers as we would like to be treated ourselves,
… we are entrepreneurial and fair with our business partners,
… we make a wonderful contribution to sustainability.

Mission statement
What we want to achieve with our behavior and how we keep our promise to our customers:
Independent - we want Xilobis to successfully establish its unique binding system as a brand. To do that we need to generate returns, which reward those who are innovative and bring in jobs, and maintain our independence.
Unique – We optimize our operations and look for solutions to perfect the product's value and exceed customer expectations.
Winning – We place the needs of our customers at the center of our all our thoughts and actions, awake emotions and convey joy with design, durability and flexibility.
Exemplary - We want all individuals in the company to contribute to the positive image of the company through their behavior, their communication and their appearance.