Since 1983, WOGG has developed high quality furniture and manufactured it in the in-house workshops at GLAESER WOGG AG. The desire for new, smart methods of working as well as materials of the highest quality ensure the level of quality associated with Swiss products.

From the very beginnings of the company, products were developed with renowned designers such as Hans Eichenberger, Gerd Lange or Trix & Robert Haussmann. In recent years the company has established relationships with designers such as Jörg Boner, Atelier Oï, Alfredo Häberli or Christophe Marchand. The close collaboration between all those involved in the process – from the initial sketches to the ready-for-sale product – forms the heart of the WOGG brand.

In the course of the years, WOGG has been presented with numerous recognitions and awards. In 2011, the stacking chair of Jörg Boner picked up the Interior Innovation Award “Best of Best” and in 2012 the same award was presented to Christophe Marchand for his writing desk . The highlight of the year was the presentation of the 2015 German Design Award for the stacking chair by Boner.