virtuell® - 3D relief panels

virtuell 3D relief panels are panels featuring custom-tailored relief structures and high-quality surfaces.
The use of cutting-edge CNC and manufacturing technologies as well as SFK Tischler GmbH's vast technical expertise open up limitless possibilities for the virtuell product portfolio.

The variety of design possibilities of virtuell named KLASSIK increases the fascination provided by furniture and fixtures in every conceivable shape and size. Architects and designers are limited only by their own imagination. Individual answers for individual objects.

IDEAL is the intelligent advancement of the product line KLASSIK. The panels made of MDF are available in size 2790x930mm and covered with white key lacquer.

virtuell 3D relief panels FZ [FIBRE CEMENT] are available in optional sizes and five different colours.

The branded product virtuell® is produced exclusively in Austria from the company SFK Tischler GmbH.