Viefe® is something more than just a company dedicated to the manufacture and design of knobs and handles for furniture. We are also a way of understanding the decorative process, the importance of detail and what a difference accessories can make.

Design is essential for us. The combination of lines, shapes and materials results in knobs, handles and furniture legs with personality which can be adapted to furniture trends, adding both image and a certain function. Our accessories are a sign of identity, an expression of style in harmony with the projection of each type of space and interior.

Quality and design. Innovation and dedication. Material and shape. At Viefe® we are aware of the importance of every detail and we promote the function and aesthetics of all our products in balance with its surroundings. Each finished product, each texture and every line add character to our creations. This makes them unique and different.

Ergonomics and sophistication, minimalism and the sensuality of shapes inspire us and allow us to make even the most complex designs a reality. Consequently, season after season we create a great variety of collections designed for comfort and to be enjoyed with complete freedom.