Analysis before development
tela develops interior-design solutions for clinics, hotels, work areas, and public spaces.
Good design begins with an analysis of your customers’ needs and how to meet them. And it’s not just a question of creating something beautiful. Our decorating solutions foster customer- and employee loyalty; they promote creativity, confidence, well-being, and good health.

We rely on creativity and experience
We know how people and organizations experience decorating and benefit accordingly.
Because design is effective when it is both sensible and appealing. We work with you to create a decor that is not only a visual success, but also a financial one. In fact, the designs are worth the effort in part because of their real added-value for business owners and their customers alike.

We pay attention to innovation and practicality
As designers, we are always looking for new materials, technologies, and techniques. We understand their unique possibilities, as well as the circumstances that make them practical. Most important for us is to deliver ideas and products precisely attuned to the project. To that end, we and our fabricators develop high-quality, high-performance, original decorating solutions.

We are communicative and supportive
It is most important to us that you have only a single point of contact at tela, behind whom stands an interconnected team of designers and fabricators that coordinates work on your project. We are convinced that you will benefit from our interdisciplinary capabilities and our flexibility.