In 1928 Targetti begins in the heart of Florence's historical center. It's a little artisan shop, selling lamps and related goods. In the late 190s Targetti starts producing chandeliers. The dimensions of the firm grow quickly and it becomes a fully integrated industry equipped with modern machineries and specialized technicians.

Today the company produces and markets over 3000 lighting fixtures and systems which are the perfect synthesis of function and design. Technically advanced lighting fixtures backed by top level research meet with the pure shapes and essential lines of consistently up-to-date designs, suitable for any architectural context.

These features make Targetti the ideal partner for professionals, specialist distributors and corporate clients such as Ferrari, Mercedes, Peugeot, Max Mara, Levi's, Benetton, McDonald's... as well as bodies and institutions who have chosen the Group's companies to illuminate authentic pieces of mankind's heritage such as Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper in Milan and Michelangelo's David in Florence, the Singapore Opera House, Piazza San Marco in Venice, Notre Dame in Paris, as well as important locations such as the Bilbao subway and the McLaren Technology Centre, designed by lord Norman Foster.

Product Philosophy

Targetti operates in the field of interior and exterior architectural lighting offering products and ad “hoc” solutions, developed in response to specific functional challenges and to stimulate architects to create peerless lighting atmospheres that help underscore the relevancy of the architecture.

Targetti Interior is a collection of lighting products combining strong technical performances with high decorative features and conceived to be easily fit in any architectural project.

Targetti Exterieur is a lighting programme developed for creative lighting of architecture and landscapes, through products with sophisticated lighting perfomances, using cutting edge technology and high-quality materials.

LuceViva by Targetti is a collection of digital control lighting systems and surfaces for indoor and outdoor applications to create dynamic scenarios playing with colour changes and images.

Light of Florence by Targetti is a collection of light fixtures for valuable artistic areas and places of worship conceived to respect architecture and to show without appearing.

Each product in the catalogue can, indeed, be modified and calibrated to meet the customer’s specific requirements, working closely with the person directly responsible for the project. The McLaren Technology Centre designed by Lord Norman Foster, the Paris-Orly AIrport, the Uffizi Gallery in Florence are just some of the ways in which we have applied this approach, and they should be interpreted, above all, as an ability to handle complexity in terms of both design as weel as relations whit different actors.


1928 Targetti begins in via dei Benci, in the heart of Florence's historical center. It is a little artisan shop, selling lamps and related goods.
1937 Targetti starts producing chandeliers. The dimensions of the firm grow quickly and it becomes an industry with: convenient premises, modern machinery, and almost 100 workers and specialized technicians.
1939 Targetti launches the first luminaire for indirect light
1953 Targetti launches the first ceiling luminaire
1968 Targetti launches the first downlight
1974 Targetti launches the first professional metal halide projector for indoor lighting.
1979 Targetti launches Structura, the original self supporting lighting system.
1988 Targetti launches Structurella, the first open low voltage lighting system.
1996 Targetti launches Mondial F1, an unprecedented innovation in professional lighting.
1998 Targetti launches CCT-Flash, the first downlight with fully protected reflector thanks to the Scratch Proof treatment
1998 Targetti is quoted on the Italian stock exchange
1999 Acquisition of Autographe, the prestigious French brand specialized in high level architectural lighting for indoor applications.
1999 Acquisition of Exteriour Vert, which produces and commercializes architectural lighting products for exterior applications
2000 Targetti launches the innovative projector Smarthead and the downlight CCT ARC for architectural use.
2000 The Targetti Group further expands itself through integration with Neri, a Group of 3 companies headquartered in Longiano (Province of Forlì) and a leader in the sector of outdoor lighting and the creation of cast-iron elements for urban furnishings.
2001 Targetti launches Trail, the revolutionary system for indoor lighting.
2002 Targetti launches FOHO PRO, the new family of projectors for halogen, dichroic and discharge lamps, characterized by a trim and elegant design combined with high tech performance.
2007 The acquisition of Louis Poulsen, a historical Danish lighting company, leads to the creation of the Targetti Poulsen Group - one of the leading European sector operators.
2009 The new Targetti warehouse goes into operation: 13 meter ceiling and 8,500 square meters of floor space; fully automated pallet stacking system; a technological jewel designed to guarantee maximum safety and comfortable working conditions for the staff.