Tagina begins the activity in 1973 in the Umbrian town of Gualdo Tadino. Structured today in three production factories and in a chain of industrial plants that are extended on a total area of over 85.000 smq, with its 270 workers and significant allied activities, the company represents one of the most important industrial Umbrian reality, and keeps a constant attention addressed to the international market.

Tagina receives the heritage of the ceramic tradition and of the artisan culture of an Umbrian country town formerly known all over the world for the production of metal reflecting majolicas. From the modern to the classic style, from the rustic to the mosaic, the collections Tagina propose to the market highly innovative products, able to satisfy the different customers requirements and characterized by high quality standards.

In the Tagina laboratory, heart of research and experimentation, advanced technological processes, as those used for the development of glazed porcelain mixtures, coexist with a high level artisan culture, with the wise use of traditional clays, with the mastery of decorative arts, with the ancient techniques of “casting” and “third firing” ceramic, in the dialog and in the cooperation that the company cultivates with the world of the design professionals.

In the decorative richness of the collections Tagina rivives the genius of an ancient art. From the sophisticated technique of encaustic to the influence of the Renaissance grotesques, from the richness of the mosaics to the magic of iridescent lustres, by the echoes of refined reflecting techniques to the timeless charm of the fresco, the fascinations of the most ancient painting techniques are expressed in the decorations that embellish the collections Tagina. The delicate ornamental motifs and the fantastic chromatic abstractions introduce in refined atmospheres, where the attentive care of expert hands and the peerless richness of the hand-made decoration provide the guarantee of an inimitable product.

The very ancient technique of shaping by casting is a laborious process, that returns a manufactured article in relief of rare beauty. Inside a shaped chalk mould is casted the clay, that stratifies while the water is absorbed by the walls of the mould. The handmade is then refined with the attentive use of the pointer finishing or by a damp sponge. With the care required to make a work destined to be timeless are shaped the most elaborated special pieces and decorations in relief, that confer to the wall decors Tagina a unique value in the outline of industrial ceramic.

Tagina produces materials in glazed porcelain according to the most current industrial standards, with high technical characteristics and performances. A significant growth of investments in research and technological innovation has made possible the activation of sophisticated technological towers for the feeding of high tonnage presses, with vertical dosing systems that allow the mixing and the granulation of clays and the colouring of dry powders for the production of glazed porcelain tiles. The optimal combination of the company know-how with the sophisticated last generation plants take the production process to an efficiency level that is expressed in the high quality of the product Tagina.