Dickson - Constant, the pure excellenc of french style up market fabrics

Dickson-Constant’s technical expertise is the fruit of the 1969 merger between Dickson, located in Dunkirk since 1836, and Constant set up in Lille since 1913.

In 1998, Dickson-Constant joined the American group, Glen Raven. The strategic alliance between these two outdoor technical textile leaders enabled the Sunbrella® brand to establish a name for itself both as the world’s #1 marine fabric and the global bench-mark in terms of quality indoor-outdoor fabric.

More than 25 million square metres of fabric are manufactured each year by the 110 looms. From the design to the weaving, treatment and logistics… the entire production process is handled in-house, over 27,500 square metres of floor space.

Launched more than 50 years ago, the Sunbrella® brand is now widely appreciated and recognized by professionals all across the planet for its exceptional quality, durability and broad range of colours and designs.