The work of STUA is conceived and executed at an extraordinarily high level of aesthetic and engineering detail. The work is innovative and original. It is suitable equally for commercial and residential applications.

But what separates this work from much of contemporary design is the enduring nature of form. There is a fresh spirit to the work, but its character is grounded firmly in the principles and character of classic modern design, that of simplicity and timelessness.

Over the years, STUA has created a collection of contemporary furniture; simple, clean and timeless pieces. STUA’s design philosophy is based on simplicity, timelessness and attention to detail.

The style of the STUA collection is in line with the designers at STUA. The furniture has a Scandinavian style with a Mediterranean touch. The collection is made up of pieces designed to be combined together, forming coherent ensembles. Simple pieces with a personality, a certain touch that makes them recognisable anywhere.

The STUA Shop in Madrid is a place to resolve any decoration problems, where any kind of project can be decorated. A meeting place among architects, interior designers and individuals in which to discover the most unique furniture collections available in Spain.

The shop has the vocation of accompanying the furniture with works of art, such as the photographs by Aitor Ortiz as the opening exhibition.