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StoneslikeStones offers you unlimited designing opportunities for all living areas and areas for professional use. An individual and high-class panel design is suitable for any case and gives a natural, unique and charming ambiance to any room.
Catering trade, Hotels, Health Spas, in-store displays and innumerable fields of commercial shop-fitting are part of our responsibility
AArchitects, interior designers, workmen and property developers have already created many different objects with our products. You can find examples of these if you click on the button “Location”
Transform you living room-realise your dream of an extraordinary Mediterranean oasis. If modern or rustic- all styles can be created.
With a well-directed planning you can panel walls very quickly, with little effort. In the catering trade costumers delight in this ambiance; in shop-fitting you can emphasize your products thanks to our eye-catching designs.
Create well-isolated walls against cool and damp outer walls. Use fibreglass panels in the bathroom, waterproofed wall panels that you can also fit yourself with simple tools such as a keyhole saw, an angle grinder or a circular saw and a cordless drill.
Or you can benefit from the years of experience StoneslikeStones possesses with the materials for the fitting.
We guarantee very quick professional fittings and deliver fast and easily all over Europe from our supply depot which has a permanent stock of some 1000 sqm.
If you wish to extend your personal exhibition or rearrange your showroom, we will plan your displays or offer you complete exhibition concepts.
You can contact us at any time. We would like to advise you.