Stockinger is a German manufacture that is well-known for its exclusive Bespoke Safes.

The manufacture, which is located in the near Munich, has been producing unique, high-class safes for more than 30 years. All our safes are custom-made unique objects, tailored specifically to your wishes and fantasies.

Technical Masterpieces of Aesthetic Perfection. All our safes are custom- made unique objects, tailored specifically to your wishes and fantasies. We will go to all possible lengths to incorporate all your design requests. We only use proven technology from Switzerland and Germany and employ highly experienced craftsmen. We combine maximum security with elegant aesthetics. Quality control, a first class service and absolute discretion are of utmost importance to us! A Stockinger Safe provides not only optimum security, but also unrestricted enjoyment of your objects of beauty and value.


Solid safety for uncertain times
A Stockinger safe is more than maximum security and protection - it elegantly blends function and form with individuality and security at uncompromising levels of quality for your most valued possessions. Stockinger safes fit seamlessly into any classy environment, offering highly customized levels of protection without sacrificing grace or style.

Stockinger safes are also created to realize your individual design wishes. We produce precisely the safe that will fulfill your individual needs for security and meet your aesthetic standards.

Bespoke safety
Starting with a technically most advanced safe „shell“ we spend as long as it takes planning, creating and fitting a safe that suits individual requirements.

We provide internal self-winding watch mechanisms that keep automatic watches in first-rate condition no matter how long they are locked away.

Every single component, as well as the finished product, is subjected to stringent quality controls. Each safe is individually numbered and is one-of-a-kind.


More than 30 different teams of experts are involved in the manufacture of a Stockinger safe. Engineers, technicians, craftsmen and artists, all with many years of experience. We regard our craftsmanship as a tribute to what is beautiful and valuable, and we believe as much care should go into making a safe as the objects it contains.

Our security concept combines experience, unique insight and the latest security technology. With their unique construction, special barrier materials, double boltwork and the patented Stocktronic keypad system, Stockinger safes fulfil the highest demands of any insurance company.