In 1888 The Steiner Family founded a loden fullery at the foot of the Dachstein for the manufacturing of regional sheep wool.
More than a century later, high quality wool from all over the world is being made into 100% natural products at Steiner 1888’s.
Meanwhile in the 5th generation, all our blankets and fabrics are being manufactured from the tread until the final product in our company.
The philosophy of Steiner 1888 was, and will always be: From the choice of wool until the gentle fiber manufacturing, each piece is made with accuracy and love.

The alpaca wool comes from South America. The alpaca belongs to the same family as the camel and is known to us as "lama". The wool gets shorn off every two years. Unlike the sheep wool and the cashmere the alpaca hair is hollow and therefore very light. The locked in air gives the hair the exceptional capability to balance the temperature.

The very fine merino wool comes from the merino sheep. A special breed that is found in South America, South Africa and some European countries. In spring the sheep get shorn by hand. The merino wool is very curly, light and elastic.

Soft, softer, Cashmere: it is one of the most valuable and expensive natural fibres because it is fine and soft and only available in restricted quantities. The wool is won by combing the sub coat of the Cashmere goat that lives in some regions of Asia. The harder the living circumstances of the goat are the more beautiful the hair is.

Very fine, delicate and soft: that’s lamb wool! The wool comes from lamb that are not older than one year and get shorn for the first time before the hair points get round.Lamb wool is the ideal natural fibre for our baby and children blankets and accessories.