Tables, credenzas, coffee tables, bookcases, library shelves, benches, stools, side tables, sideboards…

Solid wood for paper books? Libreria.
Dovetail joints. Wood, only wood. Solid wood.

Can a wooden bench speak to us about modernity? A throne is only a bench covered with velvet. Maria Theresia.
Many and one. Tables, containers, nightstands.
Walnut, beech, larch, chestnut.

Ordinary or something special? Basic joinery. Roko.
Inside table, outside table.

Hot/cold, smooth/rough, natural/artificial: 124.
Sessile oak. Top in sheet iron.

Solid wood and slender contours. Solid chestnut.
Shall we fly away or stay for lunch? Hot Tuna Table.

Study or play music? Cimbalo Alto.
White ash/light.

Coffee table, Cimbalo Basso.
Bookends, coasters, magazine racks.
Tea in Tokyo.

Like the face of a mountain. Micro Onda.
Bookcase, library.
Lacquered MDF, solid wood.
Desk. Ropes and carabiners to climb up and get a book.

A climbing plant. Onda.
Made-to-measure, custom-made, tailor-made.
Furniture, interior design, modernity and practicality.
Efficient use of all the space.

Dreaming of flying. Primm.
Inside, outside. Interior, exterior. Concrete table. Effix, Italcementi.
New materials for new combinations. Research, testing and trying again.

Nuto. table
Door and drop-leaf. Sideboard
1960s Scandinavia, contemporary Italy.
Wood grain, simplicity and natural richness.

One atop the other. 3/3 (Tre terzi).
Wood and concrete. White concrete.
Light grey and dark grey concrete.
One next to the other. Design over design. Design and more design.

Renewable technologies and materials. Tradition and research. Function and beauty. Curiosity and history.Designers, researchers, manufacturers, artisans: everyone working together for Tuna.
Tuna Designers: Paola Arbocò; JTdF architettura – Milan; Pierluigi Feltri; Carlo Pesenti; Carlo Piccinelli; Studio TriD – Bergamo; Antonio Tabarelli de Fatis; Jacopo Tabarelli de Fatis; Dušan Tuvić; UNA2 architetti associati – Genova; Maurizio Vallino.