SLR Design is an architectural practice established in 2006, providing complete architectural and interior design services for residential, commercial, retail, adaptive reuse, educational, cultural and institutional clients.


“Our approach to design attempts to be open and analytical in nature. We believe it’s possible to arrive at a design solution that perhaps neither architect nor client envisioned at the beginning of the process. There’s a fine balance between creating innovative space and designing a perfectly functional plan. We try to sculpt the project and the spatial relationships into something easily understood by the user.

Once the concept or parti is established, we embark on a process of crafting the space with detail and material in an effort to achieve an overall synthesis that is pervasive throughout the design. Our intent is for all the hundreds of details to contribute to a simple whole. This attention to detail is a fundamental priority in achieving an effective solution regardless of size or scale.

Of course, careful consideration is given to all aspects of execution including budget, schedule, construction and overall project management. We build our project teams with only the foremost experts within each specialty, whether it be lighting design or acoustical engineering. Our dedication to each phase of the project, from concept planning through construction, results in a wonderful end product.”