The Siedle enterprise, a family-run company now in its seventh generation, was founded around 1750 on a farm in the Black Forest near Furtwangen. Beginning as a supplier to the Black Forest watch industry, at the end of the 19th century Siedle turned into the German pioneer of telegraphy and telephony. In the 20th century, the company focussed on door and house intercoms. Today, Siedle is a European leader in building communication and continues to produce at its ancestral premises. The long-established company is known for high-class technology, uncompromising quality and prize-winning design.

Product range: At the threshold

Siedle brought the first door loudspeakers onto the market in 1935. Since then the long-established company has concentrated its ingenuity on further perfecting the intercom. Today, Siedle develops, produces and integrates everything that serves the purposes of communication around and in the building. The product range covers letterboxes, lighting, CCTV and access control via an orientation and signage system to connection to IP networks and to telecommunication systems and the building system technology.

Siedle looks not only at communication at the door, but throughout the entire building. The threshold, the junction from inside and outside, thus attains a world of meaning. If movement sensors switch on the light at the property boundary, the camera transmits images of the entrance area inside, visitors can identify themselves with biometrical features and find their way through a building using a signage system: these are all aspects of the threshold. Siedle systems integrate all of these functions into a perfectly harmonizing unit, in terms of both design and function.

Individuality as a principle

Siedle communication systems are as individual as their users. Their timeless design guarantees consistent proportions and submits to any architectural situation. How the user then arranges this basic design for individual cases is a matter of their personal style. From the colour through to the range of functions, Siedle products can be adapted to the customer’s needs and preferences. Maximum design freedom for the user pervades the entire range as a principle. This is most obvious in the high-end system Siedle Steel: Steel systems are planned and produced as unique specimens according to the specifications of the customer.