Serralunga – Living Different.

Serralunga, the leading outdoor furniture company, was founded in Biella in 1825. In reality, the name is the one of the family that has been the creative and entrepreneurial heart of the company for five generations.

It began as a tannery and then moved into leather processing for industrial purposes. The real revolution took place in two later phases: the first, around 1950, with the processing of plastic, the raw material that is still the brand’s features today, and then in the 1980s, with the rotational moulding technique imported from the U.S.A., an innovative technology that allows hollow objects of up to 3,000 litres to be produced.

Serralunga, the first company in Italy, installed a pilot system and began to produce flowerpots, revolutionising a very traditional sector with a large and stylish objects production, thanks to the winning combination of hard wearing and light material.
The first step in this new direction began with the partnership with Paolo Rizzatto, Alberto Meda and Denis Santachiara, three different designers with the same spirit of research and passion for technology.

During the following decade, Marco Serrralunga and Luisa Bocchietto, passionate advocates of the cultural excitement that developed around the Made in Italy Design, began to work with about 20 international designers to produce a collection with spectacular new shapes and uses, which became a reference point and a trend setter in the field.

The collections produced were a combination of unique forms and interpretations, capable to transform a purely functional object like a pot into an extraordinarily decorative furnishing item.

It was only a short step from pots to other outdoor furniture items like chairs, tables and lamps, reinvented to give outdoor spaces like gardens, terraces and swimming pools, but also parks and squares, the same importance as the indoor has. This was the path that led Serralunga in 2010 to embrace its “Living Different” philosophy: breaking from routine, revolutionizing traditional environments, embellishing every interior design space with its forms and, at the same time, enjoying all the pleasure of outside spaces by creating a new vision of the Urban Outdoors: an outside environment that stands out for its unique style, which makes it comfortable, warm and aesthetically valuable, whereas in the past only indoor spaces were this way.

The company has been located in the same place for almost two centuries. Its production is totally concentrated in Biella, Italy, in the street named after the Serralunga family, in a 12,000 m² plant, employing 65 staff and around double in induced activities.
The plant processes over 1,200 tons of plastic and produces around 200,000 items a year.

When tradition is unconventional

“With its passion for innovation, Serralunga is renowned for pushing the boundaries of materials, technologies and aesthetis in order to create groundbreaking products that both inspire and delight. The company’s eye-catching furnishings whether a sculptural planter, geometric table or minimal sun-bed are conceived to be highly functional as well as beautiful, and attest to the firm’s supreme mastery of new synthetic polymers and cutting-edge moulding processes. Significantly, these highquality weather-resistant designs enable a natural and almost seamless visual progression from indoor to outdoor spaces, thereby considerably extending our living environments. Over recent years, the company’s president, Marco Serralunga, has commissioned some of the world’s leading architects and designers such as Zaha Hadid, Philippe Starck and Jean-Marie Massaud to create strikingly original pieces that are distinguished by their elegant yet modern forms. Exuding an understated luxury, Serralunga’s products are marked by a rare sense of harmony that enables them to be grouped together into intriguing and often quite dramatic arrangements. Their strong sculptural presence also help provide a characterful identity to the environments in which they are placed, whilst ensuring the designs look as good indoors as they do outdoors. Through its design-orientated products, Serralunga perpetuates the excellence that has long been associated with the “Made in Italy” label, while at the same time offering new ways of living that allow us to rest and relax with furnishings that ultimately enrich our lives.”