“It is only by immersing yourself in nothingness that you learn to observe details.”
Sensitivity is fundamental in decoding the observable and in recognizing and interpreting all codes, whether they be historical, cultural, visual, geometrical, structural or other. In approaching any product or project, it is important to discern its DNA, i.e., the way it assembles history, aesthetics and technology into viable creations. This DNA is the essence and soul of the project.

Its productive pairings draw partially from the creativity of the studio and partially from the studio’s underlying entrepreneurial substrate.
The RJD philosophy is to conserve the duality of an artistic approach coupled with an unflagging and penetrating quest to integrate the most advanced technological concepts into our objects of daily use.

The studio’s work develops along two main lines: industrial design and interior design.
With art direction aiming to create a coherent and illuminating company image, our work with companies may lead to individual projects or to the development of an overall design strategy.
Today RJD studio works with:

Interior design
• Ideal Standard
• Ceramica Dolomite
. L’Oreal - Vichy - Skin Space
. Royal Palace Milan - Art Exhibition
. Virgin Active Gym
. Virgin Active Day SPA
. Go Active
• Bonacina Pierantonio

Industrial design
• Ideal Standard
• Ceramica Dolomite
• ASA Auto
• Bonacina Pierantonio
• Campari
• Montblanc