Reiko Chikada is designer in chief and CEO of Reiko Chikada Lighting Design Inc., she founded in Tokyo in 1986. Graduated from Tokyo University of Arts in 1970, in the same year she began working for Motoko Ishii Lighting Design Inc., where she stayed about 15 years before she established her studio. At presentment, she’s workingso as a Lecturer of Tokyo University of Arts, Tokyo Denki College and WASEDA University.

Member of several lighting design associations - Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan (IEIJ), International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD), Illuminating Engineering society of North America (IESNA), International Dark-Sky Association (IDSA), Japan Urban Design Institute (JUDI) – Reiko Chikada received in her career a great deal of awards from IESNA, Good Urban Design Award from Yokohama City, Good Lighting Design Award from IEIJ, Good Design (G-mark) from Ministry of International Trade and Industrial of Japan and Quality Lighting Design Award from IDSA.

The true essence of her philosophy is to never forget the awe that the light has a mysterious power in lighting designing, a motto she applies to each of her projects, from the private house lighting to the city lighting. The aim of this approach to light is to create a comfortable atmosphere by designing light.

Among her numerous projects, the Master Lighting Plan of all-new central zone of Saitama City, completed in 2000, is maybe the most important one. Or better, it’s the project she considers the best important: for observers, her objective talent would make difficult an univocal choice.