Original, hand-made designs
Public Collection’s exclusive products are based on hand-made designs by Joer, a Dutch artist and interior designer. These resemble dynamic ‘paintings’ that are full of depth. And are characterised as being – elegant, exciting and expressionistic! These special works really stand out on large formats, and can be displayed as desired. As an individual work of art, breathtaking wall decoration, eye-catching room divider, beautiful shower wall, spectacular floor, or lively exterior wall... The options are endless. You choose how you want to enjoy your design! You can even select a specific element of an existing design by Joer, and have it worked out into a full design. The select designs are only printed once and signed by Joer. This means you are getting an original work of art.

Decorate life
Public Collection by Joer is a collection of special, exclusive designs that are processed onto a wide range of materials to create impressive, unique decorations for your interior and exterior. As an individual work of art, breath-taking wall decoration, attractive room divider, beautiful shower wall, spectacular floor, or eye-catching exterior wall...? You determine the design and how you want to enjoy it!

About Joer
Joost Erftemeijer (Hoorn, 1955), the man behind Joer, is a qualified designer who spent a lot of time developing the special painting technique with which he creates the designs for Public Collection. Each work is unique. Choose from a vast collection of designs and imagine how you can liven up your environment with the exclusive works of Joer! Joost also creates special designs on request, whereby you can select the colours that you like.