The foundation stone for the development of Planmöbel into a manufacturer of modern office furnishing systems in tune with the times was laid in 1958 as part of a far-reaching entrepreneurial vision.
The London-based German designer Robert Gutmann, who pursued the idea of conceiving office furniture that differed considerably from what was usual at the time, used the working title “Planmöbel” (experimental furniture) for his designs. In order to launch the envisaged new products totally independently, in 1958 “Planmöbel” became the official company name. Successful product lines featuring award-winning designs won the market over, the company expanded, and Planmöbel established itself as a brand.

Since 2009 Planmöbel has been a member of the Metrica Group which specializes in designing and fitting out luxury yachts, private jets and residences. We exploit synergies such as knowledge about special materials and manufacturing techniques and high quality standards to the benefit of our clients.

Today Planmöbel designs, produces and markets fittings and furnishing systems for small and large office structures in the high-end market. For us, special features our clients can declare as their standard are par for the course: parallel to our serial products we design customized furnishings in close collaboration with architects and clients.

We believe that role of furniture is to serve people on a long-term basis. If this can be achieved on a high level, with emotions and in an innovative way – even better. Our aim is still to design living space that allows for an increase in productivity, in which people feel comfortable, and which reflects corporate identities.