Pir II creates buildings and infrastructure in which the solutions and overall designs are dictated by the contents of the project in symbiosis with the local situation at the site.

Our projects emerge through a close dialogue with clients and experts in different fields, such as landscaping, engineering, research and art.

All our projects are based on a reasonable and ethical use of resources, and the following issues are always important:

• Area efficiency
• Sustainability and energy efficiency
• Maximum output for investors
• Added value in the projects in terms of high architectural quality and positive neighbourhood effects.

Pir II tries to implement both international impulses and our Scandinavian tradition in the projects. Many of our most challenging and exciting projects are results of winning entries in urban planning and building design competitions. The experience and input we acquire through competitions are an important part of our strategy towards always creating better architectural solutions.

Pir II was established in January 1994, in Trondheim, Norway, and we are currently located in Trondheim and Oslo, and at the moment establishing a branch also in Buenos Aires.

Pir II consists of 18 architects, 1 building engineer, 1 CAD responsible and 1 secretary.