Pastoe has contributed to the Dutch Design Tradition only for the last 100 years. Pastoe is Dutch in every way: strong design statements and at the same time plenty of possibilities to express yourself with our products. We offer endless variations in size, colour, composition and functionality. All made in Utrecht, Holland.

You can only exist for over a 100 years when you reinvent yourself continuously. We reconsider our collection yearly, as well as the way we produce, sell and market our products. Our innovations start with listening to our customers and by working closely with renowned designers, embedded in the Dutch Design tradition. Through our production process we provide the high level craftwork and maximum flexibility to respond to specific requirements. We produce sideboards, chairs and cabinet systems with clear and simple shapes. We have a reintroduced chairs and desk from our older collections. Our furniture gets its real value through its owner’s creativity and use. The pictures, special books, grandma’s porcelain, the children’s drawings stored, make our cabinets a private place to store your stories. Made by Mohammed, Peter and Ronald and the rest of our team.