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We create exclusive warm materials for you.

Thanks to our direct contact and cooperation with the customer, our adaptation to the new production techniques and the efforts made by our business and technical team, now we are really qualified and up-to-date with ceramic production.

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Jose Oset y Cia, S.L.
Was founded as a company on March 8th 1973.

However, back as far as the 1940s, the founders manufactured artistic ceramics, under the name JOSE OSET BALAGUER. In the 1960s, the company changed its focus and started to manufacture skirting tiles, listels and special tile pieces in a variety of different formats.

In 1973 the present limited company was created.

Nowadays its range of products has been extended with the manufacture of pavements and wall tiles on red body and porcelain body in diverse formats and ended, like wood effect, imitation of stones, rustic and special pieces, with a wide range of designs focus towards interiors projects and decoration, which are produced in the factory located in Ribesalbes.