About Us
ON&ON are a British design and manufacturing company who have created a new type of wall shelving system. The L Type Shelving System™ has incredible flexibility and meets the design challenges and needs of the modern office, retail, public and domestic space. It works on many levels and simply provides you with the components to help organise, manage, store and display.

We thought about how our shelves will be used, how each component works, how they all work together and the simplest way to install them. We wanted a system that was innovative yet practical, highly flexible and designed for the long term. Our aim is simple…to create better shelving.

Our Shelving
The system is designed to be visible and flexible. It can form part of the architecture of a space, blend in with it or create a statement, the choice is yours depending on what you need.

It combines mass produced modular components with a made to measure service. This means you get the simplicity of production, consistency of parts and economies of scale with the bespoke and tailored service of a Cabinet Maker.

Unlike standard modular systems we have not had to compromise and create a single fixed module. With our shelving, however large or small your system is it will fit perfectly within your space. Select a shelf size larger than you require and we will cut it to the perfect size free of charge. You can choose from 0.8m, 1.6m, 2.4m, 3.2m or 4.8m lengths. We apply this same no compromise principle across our other components including wall fixings and wall panels.

Our Service
We provide a free planning service and we have an instillation team if you want the system fitted. Otherwise we supply all the fixings and installation guides for prepared, solid or plasterboard walls.

Our Website
You can buy the system, accessories and our pre-boxed sets direct from us www.madebyonandon.com Use our website shelf builder to get an idea of design, size and price and email us an enquiry at studio@madebyonandon.com or call our planning team on 01727 834 043.

Defining Features
1. More than modular system that can be made to measure
2. Longest shelving on the market, up to 5 metres in length
3. Shelving can be matched to any RAL colour*
4. Optional low energy integrated lighting
5. Shelving made from 100% recycled aluminium
6. All of our system is designed and manufactured in Great Britain

*over a minimum order quantity (50lm)