Starting with the integration of Cassina in the Poltrona Frau Group of companies, the re-positioning process of our brand has been carried out with great commitment. We can say today that the changing of Nemo into “Cassina lighting division” is complete. On top of that, Nemo is today the “Official lighting provider” within the Poltrona Frau Group. Nemo Cassina wants to become, inside the design lighting producers’ scenario, the benchmark name, going back to the roots of the ideas that inspired the golden age of the Italian design. Therefore our catalogue matches the “contemporary collection” composed of great significance items, with the edition of some 60’s and 70’s design icons that are composing, together with the Italiana Luce masterpieces, the “classic collection” section of the catalogue itself.

1993 Nemo is founded by Franco Cassina and Carlo Forcolini. Ursa pendant lamp by Vico Magistretti. Die-cast aluminium body and moulded glass diffuser.

1994 Nemo launches the Iota table courtesy lamp from an idea of the Japanese designer Ikaru Mori.

1997 Nemo launches the Constellation system of lamps designed by Markus Jehs and Juergen Laub. “With its compact design and robust looks, Constellation is much more than a straightforward lamp: it is a work of precision, like a ship’s porthole or the watches worn by the military” (Jehs & Laub).

1998 Nemo acquired Italiana Luce, manufacturer of several classic products (Dove and Logo by Barbaglia and Colombo, Jazz by Porsche Design among others).

1999 Carlo Forcolini creates the Hydra adjustable great floor lamp. Chrome metal structure and matt black carbon fibre arm.

2001 The year of Regulus. A comprehensive system of lamps available in a range of configurations. Giancarlo Fassina says: “We spent two years at the drawing board, making models and prototypes, then came up with this simple expressive no-frills form, which surprised even us.”

2001 With the acquisition of Meltemi, Nemo enters the contract sector with lamps in blown glass especially created for the hospitality industry. During the same year, Nemo takes control of its French distributor, Artelux.

2002 Nemo acquires the Illuminating Experiences company, producer and distributor of a large range of lighting appliances in the U.S.A.

2003 Ilaria Marelli creates the Ara floor lamp. A great design achievement and a commercial success made to last in the years to come.

2005 Karim Rashid makes Frizzi for Nemo, a unique ceiling lamp-fan. Nemo enters the Poltrona Frau group within the frame of the Cassina acquisition.

2007 Chain by Ilaria Marelli. Ilium by Foster + Partners.

2008 January. Nemo merges with parent company by incorporation, becoming the lighting division of Cassina S.p.A. Nemo, lighting division of Cassina S.p.A, purchases the historical Sirrah collection from iGuzzini - Italy.

From its foundation in 1993 to the present time, Nemo has been present on the European market, in the Americas and in the Far East through a very carefully selected network of distributors and retailers.