History of manufakt

As the small mechanical factory of M. Bättig in Güttigen/TG (Switzerland) in the early 50s produced his first bent tubular steel chairs, they were still sold under the brand name "JOBA".

In the eighties they changed to Bättig Ltd., and the chairs were already known then as "Bättig chairs".

When the company Anteprima Concept Ltd. took over the Bättig Ltd. due to lack of heirs, there was intention to continue this longstanding tradition of Bättig chairs.
Thus, the trademark and the machinery was acquired as well as a fund of old patterns and drawings. This resource is now used as the basis for the development and relaunch of new Bättig products.
But still with the same basic intentions of simplicity and durability as in the early days.

From this thought, to preserve of ancient art craft, the brand manufakt was developed in the year 2008.


Ma | nu | fakt, (antiquated term for handmade products)

The dictionary says of antiquated, but is exactly the challenge for the manufakt collection, to keep alive the craftsmanship who is under threat of extinction.

In the center of this collection are some great products that are manufactured by hand with the appropriate craft methods. We produce table legs with rivets, the long-proven technology. The corners of the sheet metal table tops are sharpened by hand. The iron legs are individually cast in sand molds and then further processed manually.
These are just some examples of what the name manufakt stands for.
Therefore, it is obvious that of many well-known classical pieces of furniture show up again in our Klassik line. But these products can only be identical because manufakt is carry on the old discontinued production methods.

Besides the well known classics, we have always tried to resurrect nearly forgotten classic furniture. These are basically pieces of furniture or parts thereof, which are hardly to produce with modern, fully automated production lines.

So we are not only stand for the preservation of traditional crafts, but also want the comfort and atmosphere of each piece of furniture conjure magic again up in your four walls. And this in a way of quality, that gives you years of enjoyment.

But we will also incorporate the traditional methods into our own new designs, making love to this old-fashioned methods can sometimes be passed on to the next generation.

manufakt , there where the handcraft is still alive