The architects Simona Malvezzi, Wilfried Kuehn and Johannes Kuehn founded Kuehn Malvezzi in Berlin in 2001.
Museum and exhibition design is the main focus of their work. They completed the architecture for the Documenta 11, the Flick Collection in the Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin as well as the Julia Stoschek Collection in Duesseldorf. The office attaches importance to dealing sensitively with listed buildings (Lauder Business School) often in combination with the reorganisation of contemporary and historic art-collections as done for the Museum Belvedere, Vienna or the Liebieghaus, Frankfurt.
Currently Kuehn Malvezzi is planning the extension for the Museum Berggruen in Berlin as well as the new-presentation of the collection of the Herzog Anton Ulrich-Museum in Braunschweig, the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen and the Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin. During the last years numerous buildings for private clients were completed including residential houses, business premises and hotels (Resort Wetzlgut, Austria). Next to a number of projects in Europe which presently are in planning stage or under construction KUEHN MALVEZZI successfully have been participating in international competitions.
Winning the special prize, Kuehn Malvezzi’s competition entry for the Humboldt-Forum in Berlin attracted a lot of attention. Their substantial critical approach to reconstruction shown in this design was also awarded with the German critics’ prize 2009 in the category architecture. Their projects have been shown in international solo and group exhibitions, amongst others in the German Pavilion at the 10th Architecture Biennial in Venice 2006 and were nominated for the Mies van der Rohe Award.


Musee Ziem, Martigues 2011, 3rd prize
Musee Cantonal des Beaux-Arts, Lausanne 2011, 6th prize
Besucherzentrum am Niederwalddenkmal, Ruedesheim am Rhein, 2011, 1st prize
Geschaeftshaus Karlstrasse, Munich, 2011, 2nd prize
Museum der Weltkulturen, Frankfurt a.M., 2010, 1st prize
Areal Wintergartenstrasse, Leipzig, 2010, 1st prize
Geschaeftshaus Neuhauser Strasse, Munich, 2010, 1st prize
Museumsquartier Luthersterbehaus, Eisleben, 2009, 3rd prize
Hotel- und Buerobau Alexanderstrasse, Berlin, 2009, 1st prize
Museum Neuruppin, 2009, 2nd prize
Deutsche Botschaft, Belgrade, 2009, 2nd prize
Erweiterungsbau „Burghof“ Kunstmuseum Basel, 2009, 5th prize
Erweiterung Museum Berggruen, Berlin, 2008, 1st prize
Humboldt-Forum, Berlin, 2008, special prize
Tore Nord und Sued Messe Frankfurt, 2008, 2nd prize
Erweiterung Staedel Museum, Frankfurt, 2008, 2nd prize


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Komuna Fundamento, installation at the 13th Architecture Biennale Venice, curator: David Chipperfield, Venice 2012
Staedel Museum, collection display, Frankfurt 2012
Wohnhaus Torstraße, new building, Berlin 2011-2013
Geschaeftshaus Neuhauser Strasse, commercial building, Munich 2010-2013
Herzog Anton Ulrich-Museum, collection display and refurbishment museum, Braunschweig 2009-2015
Liebieghaus Schaulager, rearrangement sculpture collection and depository show, Frankfurt 2009
Museum Belvedere, alleyway between Unteres Belvedere and Orangerie, Vienna 2009
Museum Berggruen, extension museum, Berlin 2008-2012
Gesundheitszentrum Wetzlgut, Bad Gastein 2008
Manifesta 7 (ex Palazzo delle Poste), Trento 2008
Julia Stoschek Collection, Düsseldorf 2007
Museum Belvedere, conversion Unteres Belvedere, Vienna 2007
Fine Art Fair Frankfurt, Frankfurt 2006, 2007
Lauder Business School, Vienna 2004
Friedrich Christian Flick Collection, Berlin 2004
Forecourt and foyer Berlinische Galerie, Berlin 2004
Documenta 11, Kassel 2002