"What we are aiming at is to make an impact on contemporary style with innovative and extraordinary design furniture. This design-oriented approach focuses on function just as much as on form."
Doris Kißkalt

All our products are manufactured by German handicraft businesses exclusively. Of course we are aware that there are cheaper ways to have them made elsewhere, as most of our competitors do.This way, however, we achieve a much better quality and we can implement customer requirements faster. The other thing, and that is actually our chief motivation, is that we are trying everything we can to support local vendors and thus the employment base in our region. The finishing steps of the production and the quality control take place inhouse. This approach and our
preference for regional vendors result in small distance transportation requirements and thus lower carbon dioxide emissions.

Quality Standard
The quality of our products is always our sole focus when selecting handicraft companies and other
vendors for collaboration, taking precedence over cost reductions that might have a negative impact
on the quality. And you can see and feel this quality.

…is an important mission of our company. Our products can be customized to suit your requirements. Special measurements and innovative modifications are always possible. Implementing our customers' ideas is an important part of ourservice range.

Point of Sale
You can purchase our furniture and lamps directly.