Having creative and polishing our skills with aesthetic sensibilities, we have been always challenging ourselves. By pursuing new possibilities of ceramic arts, we create products and services with our realistic and entertaining outlook. We always try to satisfy our customers as potters.

Kenzan is located in Toki city that has been taking over the history of Mino-yaki (one of the most famous ceramic brands in Japan) over 400 years.
Toki where has a lot of good quality ceramic clay from old days.
Many kilns were built in the golden age of Momoyama-tou (Ceramic that was produced in 16th century) when Nicolaus Copernicus (1473〜1543) advanced the heliocentric system.
Some brands of Japanese ceramic such as “Shino”, ”Oribe”, ”Kizeto”, and ”Tenmoku” were appreciated by the sense of tea ceremony and a lot of great works were created in that era.
The originality and the uniqueness of Kenzan is the gift from these talented artists of Mino-yaki.
Especially, the shape and the heart of “Oribe” affect Kenzan’s attitudes of creating products.