Rug virtouso since 1889
Kasthall has been designing and manufacturing unique woven and handtufted rugs since 1889. Since its foundation the company has been operating from its own factory in Kinna, an area rich in textile manufacturing history in the west of Sweden. This is where we still make all our rugs today. 

Over the years, Kasthall has grown to become one of the leading international designers and manufacturers of rugs. Part of the secret is that we own our own production. This gives us control over the entire manufacturing process. Another is our consistent focus on design and product development. 

Kasthall takes an active responsibility for the environment and is environmentally certified according to the ISO 14001 standard. In our daily work this means that we make continuous improvements that benefit the environment, from creating a healthy workplace to helping preserve the beauty of nature.

More than hundred years experience of rugs
Kasthall has been in existence almost as long as electricity has been in use. Ludvig Andersson founded the rug factory in Kinna, Sweden back in 1889. The company builds on Swedish traditions of craftsmanship, which we carefully develop and interpret in modern form.

Through consistent commitment to design, quality and product development, we have become a world-leading manufacturer. Today, Kasthall is represented in around thirty countries all over the world. Our customers include everyone from chain stores to hotels, offices, restaurants, government buildings, authorities and private individuals. 

But despite the company’s incredible growth, in many ways Kasthall is still as genuine and personal as it was in Ludvig Anderson’s day. We’re still small enough that we all know each other by name. A healthy working environment and motivated employees allow us to maintain exceptional standards of quality.

Craftsmanship for many generations
Each Kasthall rug that is made is unique and is manufactured to order. A leather label on the back of each rug shows the names of the people who designed and made it. 

What sets us apart from many other manufacturers is that we have complete control over the entire production process, from yarn to finished rug. At the factory, our product developers sit side by side with our designers. Together they are experts in developing new techniques and individual colours, dyes and collections. This product development takes place right next to the factory, which means that every idea can be tested in production straightaway. More than a hundred years experience has given us the resources needed to achieve the effects and qualities that you are looking for. Just like in the days of Ludvig Andersson we are driven by our desire to experiment and renew traditions. 

The thing we never change is our attention to quality. That never goes out of date. You can walk, play and live on a Kasthall rug for many years – another thing that makes us unique. 

Environmental responsibility is a part of our quality
When you choose products from Kasthall you are taking active responsibility for the environment. Environmental responsibility is an important aspect of the high quality that signifies the Kasthall brand. It strongly influences our production methods and the company’s future development. In our daily work it means that we make continuous improvements that benefit the environment, from creating a healthy workplace to helping preserve the beauty of nature. 
We work to maintain our ISO 14001 certification, which means that we choose suppliers who show consideration for the environment, we minimize waste and choose raw materials and packaging that are considered to have the least impact on the environment. For example we are a part of Blulino, which means that we use linen from Normandy in France, carefully selected and harvested with respect for the environment. Read more about Blulino below.