Hofman Dujardin Architects was founded in 1999. Since then, we have been working on a wide variety of architectural, interior and product design projects with a team consisting of approximately eight architects. This wide scope of projects has been a well considered decision. The diversity in design issues entails an enrichment of any project. Our team switches easily from innovative product development to e.g. pragmatic dwelling floorplans.

Our clients mainly are developers, housing corporations, multi-nationals, law firms and private clients.

Our main goal is to create inspiring buildings, interiors and products that enhance life at large. A surrounding in which people can live and work in an optimized way and where the investments made are fully effected .

For office buildings we design creative working environments in which the employees can work highly efficient and they are inspired continuously. Condominiums and dwellings we transform into interiors with maximum comfort and fully adjusted to ideas and wishes of the clients. And by executing product designs such as the BloomframeŸ balcony, we express our relentless effort to innovate, surprise and challenge.