Human sensations and respect for them gave birth to Hanna Korvela Design in 1994. International breakthrough came in 1997, when Duetto carpet made of cotton and paper yarn was awarded with the prestigious “red dot: best of the best” award. Since then Hanna Korvela has received numerous awards and her products are presented in many of the worlds most esteemed interior design showrooms. Hanna Korvela signifies pure materials, clear pattern language, high quality and harmonic beauty, that surprises with its strength year after year, decade after decade.

Life is filled with sensation. Life is feeling the touch of different materials, sensing the scent of pureness, hearing both sounds and silence, tasting different flavours.

Hanna Korvela Design was created seventeen years ago, inspired by the human senses and born of respect for them. The first product of this small textile design company, the Duetto carpet, showed a strong awareness of Nordic interior design traditions, high quality, ecological awareness, and modern shapes.

Today, Hanna Korvela is one of the largest and most respected carpet design companies in Finland. The foundation of the company’s internationally recognised product range consists of woven carpets of paper yarn and cotton tricot, luxurious tufted woollen carpets, and lighter rya rugs. In addition, the company produces other decor accessories, such as place mats and table runners of paper yarn as well as festive white candles.

Sensing and understanding customer needs is Hanna Korvela’s leading principle. This means that the sizes of all products can be tailored to customers’ wishes.

The standard product range aside, the company’s area of strongest growth consists of purpose-designed products, such as liturgical textiles and decor schemes. These may include, for example, bespoke carpets and other textile products reflecting their colours or patterns, as well as other works of art.

All products have one common denominator: Hanna Korvela. The name represents pure materials, clear shapes, high quality, and harmonic beauty whose strength never ceases to impress, year after year and decade after decade.