Customers who want an upholstered bed made to suit their own wishes, sleep requirements or physical preferences, will find what they need in the Grand Luxe workshop with its years of experience. Grand Luxe by Superba beds have been manufactured exclusively and individually down to the smallest detail, precisely according to the personal preferences for style, colours, materials and dimensions. The personal choice of bed frame, bedhead and feet is combined individually with an exclusive selection of premium fabrics.

Grand Luxe by Superba - incomparably comfortable sleep

All Grand Luxe by Superba sleeping systems share the refined combination of upper and lower mattress. Both mattresses are pocket spring mattresses. The lower mattress is made of hundreds of mini-pocket springs and supports the upper mattress, which provides the body with ergonomic support thanks to its seven comfort zones. This interactive collaboration of these two elements provides precision support and outstanding sleep comfort. Special functions such as various motorised comfort settings complete the comfort provided by Grand Luxe by Superba beds.

With regards to fabrics, Grand Luxe by Superba attaches great importance to quality and comfort. Natural, functional fabrics are used wherever possible. We use cotton exclusively in the pocket springs for optimal air circulation. The upholstery on top of the pocket spring base is created by hand mainly from wild silk, cashmere, lambswool and horse-hair.

Grand Luxe by Superba - timeless customised beds with a classic design

A bed by Grand Luxe by Superba unites design, innovation and premium quality while offering space for individuality. All models offer numerous possible combinations and an abundance of technical innovations and attractive accessories. Of inestimable value: The fabric covers of most models can be removed and exchanged. Furthermore, all the bedheads are upholstered on the back so that every bed can be placed freely in a room.

Designer Oliver Conrad and interior stylist Peter Fehrentz are responsible for the creation and design of the Grand Luxe by Superba beds. Oliver Conrad’s Space model won the Interior Innovation Award in 2012. In 2014, Peter Fehrentz’s Bay model was also awarded this prestigious award.

NEW: Essence - the individual boxspring bed

The new Essence concept brings the characteristics and benefits of a boxspring to the fore without compromising on the quality, individuality and comfort you can expect from Grand Luxe by Superba. This makes Essence the ideal introduction into the world of Grand Luxe by Superba: Boxspring at the highest level: each model is a unique product, Swiss-made in our traditional workshop.

Company History

Establishment of the Steppdeckenfabrik Büron (Büron quilt mill) by the brothers Otto and Theodor Fehlmann and Jakob Zubler in Büron, Switzerland.

The first-ever frameless, down-filled mattress (known as the Superba Mattress) triumphs over the traditional horse-hair mattress.

The company is renamed “Superba” and comes to epitomise
sound sleep in private homes, hotels and hospitals.

Launch of Switzerland’s first foam mattress.

Launch of Switzerland’s first electrically adjustable bed.

Launch of the Grand Luxe line of upholstered beds for the highest level of comfort.

Establishment of the Grand Luxe upholstered bed product line as a separate brand: Grand Luxe by Superba, including pocket spring mattresses. This serves to position the brand more strongly, as highlighted by the “My Bed” proposition.

The upholstered bed Space is awarded the coveted Interior Innovation Award 2012 presented by the German Design Council.

Bay wins the Interior Innovation Award