GCA arquitectes associats was founded in 1986 by Josep Juanpere and Antonio Puig.
Later, Josep Riu, Jesús Hernando, Jordi Castañé, Lluís Escarmís, and Francisco de Paz joined the team.

Currently the studio is formed by a team of more than 60 professionals. In the year 2010 GCA has opened a permanent office in Shanghai to develop the international projects located in Asia.

The architectural team consists in a multidisciplinary group of internal professionals who bring other habitual collaborators onboard for specific projects. Specialists, not only in architecture, interior design and engineering, but moreover in graphic art, landscaping, documentation, photography, management and administration, among other areas.

GCA projects and develops architecture, urbanism and interior design, both for the government and private sectors. The projects encompassed by the company are: office blocks, hotels, single-family homes, block of flats, shopping spaces, shopping centers and community equipments.

GCA achieves an international dimension in architecture and interior design with hotel projects in Paris, London, Prague, Lisbon, Lima and Dubai, and shops in New York, Athens, Great Britain, China and Taiwan.

Works of special interest are: in Barcelona: Arts Hotel, Gran Marina Hotel (World trade Center), AC Barcelona Hotel, Prestige Hotel, Casa Fuster Hotel, Cram Hotel, Vincci Condal Mar Hotel, Olivia Plaza Hotel and the Hesperia Tower Hotel interior design.

Pronovias’ office block (Barcelona, New York), Business Center for the Logistical Activities Zone, Cuatrecasas lawyers office (Barcelona, Brussels, Lisbon, New York) Banca Mora (Andorra),.Interior design in different boutiques of international designer-label clothing, shops in Paris, London, New York, as well as the restaurants of Sergi Arola, Carles Gaig, Fermí Puig , Santi Santamaria, Xavier Pellicer and Paco Perez.