Eclisse began producing sliding pocket door systems in 1989 in its factory near Treviso in Italy and became an immediate success. This rapid success was based on highly innovative product design and advanced production techniques. Better products and better design quickly led to expansion throughout Europe where Eclisse has become the largest producer of these systems. Its aim is to develop a construction technology characterized by innovation and excellence of quality standards. It took more than 30 patents to make Eclisse frames revolutionise the way we think about sliding door systems. Doors slide effortlessly inside the wall, opening up the room and dramatically changing your perception of space. Eclisse is a leading company in its sector in Italy and exports its products to the main European and world countries. With its more than 2000 customers located in all areas, Eclisse markets its products all over Europe and in the main non-European countries using a commercial network born in 1995 with the opening of the first sister company in Quimper, France. Same to this has done Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, Brasil, Germany, Romania United Kingdom and Portugal. In all the other countries Eclisse is present with distributors and/or agents.


Eclisse is leader in producing sliding door systems for over 20 years. In fact Eclisse develops high quality products containing functionality and aesthetic. Eclisse is innovation: it promotes new ideas which revolutionize conception of space and design. Innovation means being always ahead the others.
It means to find new tools, that can forestall your needs. It means to invent and develop functional solutions.
 Functionality: Its disappearing sliding doors systems are made thinking about who install and use them. With his technical and constructive details Eclisse guarantees the product durability. Aesthetic: To satisfy every project need, for standard and non-standard sizes, Eclisse let you choose among more than 10.000 solutions and 12 types of products. Finally Eclisse offers you accessories, special services and surely a total assistance.