For 20 years creating contemporary furniture. 20 years in the vanguard

In 1992 do+ce starts as a contemporary furniture editor, basing our offer on five basic concepts: functionality, aesthetics, comfort, quality and durability, concepts which have ruled our designs during these years. We have always tried to give a personal answer to the varying market needs. Two years ago, with our CUbox system, we started to bet on whole personalized furniture, a tool that allows the professional interior designers to create adjusted designs to their clients’ needs, likes and preferences. The intention is to place the person in the middle of the creative process of their own furniture.

Furniture as a part of our lives
We conceive furniture as objects of important presence in a wide variety of activities either in our lives, homes, workplaces for learning or training activities or at commercial and leisure spaces. That is why furniture has to combine aesthetic and functionality. We both work in and with them, eat, dream, rest, love, play and contact other people. No doubt, apart from trends and fashion, furniture is part of our lives. In do+ce, for this reason, furniture is created for and by people.

Garantía de calidad
To guarantee the best quality, CUbox system has been tested by the AIDIMA Technologic Institute, proving its own high features and, especially, its own great loading capacity.
In do+ce we work with first class quality trademark materials, iron fittings and complements added to our furniture, all of them approved and with their warranty certificates that strengthen the quality of our products.
In our firm’s philosophy, the quality concept is a global one, which covers from design and product making to communication, merchandising, service and after-sales support.

What is CUbox?
CUbox is an assembling furniture made-to-measure system, created by Rafa Ortega, which is based on the combination of a series of extrusion aluminium profiles, assembled with die cast squares. This system is registered as an EU industrial model.

Why CUbox?
+ Versatile design
CUbox is not a conventional programme: there are neither modules nor preestablished measures. You create your furniture design and we make it made-to- measure. The system allows you to create your piece of furniture entirely made-to-measure, not only adjusted to your room but also to your functional and aesthetic needs, that is why we offer you a wide variety of materials, complements and finish.

+ Profitability, security and comfort
Being our designs unique and not existing predetermined plans nor patterns, each one of the pieces of furniture is previously assembled in our factory to guaranty the highest quality and to avoid mistakes. This allows us to send our furniture wholly assembled, which means not only saving you effort and time but also guarantying you that you will not have any trouble when assembling it.

+ High quality materials and finish
In CUbox we add first class quality trademark materials, products and iron fittings. We keep their original labels in order to guaranty their quality, all of them with their warranty certificates that strengthen the quality of our own products. Trademarks such as Hettich, Ogtm, Satenice, Trespa, Plexicor, Parapán are some of our suppliers.