Thomas Dibelius Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Architekt / Photographer: Christian Rating, Hamburg


Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Dibelius
University Professor Dipl.-Ing. Architect

1957 Born in Baden (Switzerland)
1976 - 1984 Study of architecture at RWTH Aachen University
1978 - 1984 Scholarship of the German National Academic Foundation
1984 - 1989 Work for the architectural offices of Prof. G. Böhm, W. von Lom, von Gerkan Marg and Partner
1990 Founding of own architectural firm in Hamburg

Numerous prizes and awards for competitions and completed buildings.
Numerous publications in books, trade journals and consumer magazines.

Teaching positions
1984 Research assistant at RWTH Aachen
19901993 Lectureship at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences
1995 Appointment as Professor at the University of Magdeburg
Department for Design
1999 Appointment as Professor at the University of Siegen
Department of Building Construction, Design and Residential Architecture


We build timeless, modern, light and spacious houses with competence, professional experience and dedication, incorporating the wishes of our clients. We build houses with exceptional spatial and material qualities, attention to detail, designed to interact with their surroundings and become part of the landscape.

We design buildings and interiors which are sensual, aesthetic and comfortable and reflect the idea of the design. We personally accompany and support our clients through their projects until completion.

We integrate green practice, energy-saving measures and sustainability in our designs. We use renewable primary energies for heating, cooling and power and integrate cutting-edge, innovative, energy-efficient building systems technology in our designs.

We design and build beautiful houses for our clients to live in or work in. We aim to adopt a holistic approach to space and functionality, emotion and construction, to openness and security, to material and light.