Designoffice ApS was founded on 1 January 2005. The company is owned by Christian Eppers and Jesper Søgaard Jensen.

Designoffice designs, produces and delivers high-end professional furniture to businesses in and outside of Denmark, directly or through a network of business agents. The company’s product catalogue is designed and developed with the aim of meeting the needs of businesses for new working processes and organisational structures that follow from the technological and wider social development.

Since its birth five years ago, Designoffice has been delivering solutions to a number of business clients for whom furniture not only serves as a branding parameter to employees and the outside world but is also used as strategic tools to support various organisational structures.

Designoffice provides architect and end user consulting at an expert level with respect to design and interior design solutions, materials, surfaces and testing of furniture in accordance with European and international standards, including Danish Standards (Dansk Standard) and the requirements and recommendations of the Danish Working Environment Authority (Arbejdstilsynet). In addition, we attend professional conventions abroad to stay on top of the latest developments in design and function and the New Office concept, and we are always keen to participate in the debate about the workplace of the future.

Designoffice offers extensive knowledge of technical solutions to complex design and interior design projects for modern innovative businesses requiring functional and aesthetical solutions that go beyond the merely conventional. Years of passion for and knowledge of architecture and designer furniture make us strong sparring partners in finding the optimal solution to complete furnishing projects that require an experienced overview of which items of furniture will suit a specific interior design project.

Designoffice stocks a wide range of the world’s leading designer furniture.

The strength in our own business concept is an analytical understanding of the many-faced problems involved in each product group and the ability to solve design and installation projects with logical, multi-faced mechanical constructions. It is very important to us that our products have elements of added value, i.e. they contain other functions beyond simply being a piece of furniture, adding to their utility for people using the products and the spaces in which they are a part.

Designoffice has chosen to outsource IT, marketing, installation, delivery and accounting in order to focus our efforts on the business core.

Designoffice is self-financing.