business concept

Designerslabel makes sure that your product idea is realized.

Designerslabel will help you develop and fulfill your idea of a practical item or piece of furniture. Furthermore, we will create technical supplementary functional systems according to your demands. Designerslabel functions as part of a network of designers and manufacturers.
For example, designerslabel will design and produce a shelf, corkscrew or any other article according to your own idea. Once your design is complete, you may choose from a variety of materials to be used in manufacturing your product. It doesn’t matter whether or not you want an individual piece or if your idea should go into series production.
Designerslabel ensures high-quality production while maintaining price and deadline agreements. At the same time, designerslabel may assume promotion for your product on the market. Thus, using our extensive strategic marketing abilities to professionally represent your product at international fairs and exhibitions.

product & development

Designerslabel is the place to have your product developed.
"It is our job to realize our clients’ ideas, from drawing to series production and, finally, promotion," states Mr. Straka. Designerslabel is specialized in high-quality designer objects, furniture and interior furnishings of international designers. "Our clients come, for the most part, from the areas of design, architecture and industry."

Technical product development
Qualitative and technically superior product development is the heart of designerslabel. Thomas Straka understands, from his own experience, how to achieve optimum time and cost factors for his clients during the development phase.

Coordination and supervision
Designerslabel, having a large network of contacts to manufacturers at its disposal, will coordinate appointments and deadlines between all parties involved. Setting high quality standards is as much a part of Thomas Straka"s job as is total supervision of the entire project. Designerslabel also ensures that your price limit will not be exceeded.

Product promotion
Designerslabel will accompany the professional promotion of your product. We will plan and carry out the presentation at fairs and exhibitions for our clients. If you wish, we will put together a complete package including models, presentation furniture and prototypes, in short, everything necessary for an all-round ideal product presentation.

prototype & series

The second phase of product development starts as soon as designerslabel has defined your product with you. A prototype is to be created out of a draft or model.
Feedback from inquisitions on material and manufacturing processes starts flowing in during prototype production. Single article production will take place in selected workshops and studios. Before giving the green light to a pilot production, designerslabel will check each detail of the prototypes to make sure they possess the necessary qualities for a successful serial production.

From prototype to pilot production
Pilot production is the first reality test for a prototype. If a series production is targeted from the beginning, designerslabel will select a series manufacturer to produce the prototype. A mini-series is then produced under actual conditions. Mr. Straka saves time and money by using the same manufacturer for the prototype as well as the series production.

Coordination and supervision
Designerslabel closely supervises each step of the pilot production phase. This test-phase will show whether or not adjustments or alterations of the product are necessary.

Quality and price
Designerslabel uses extensive quality assurance to conclude a pilot production. One focus point is finding price-relevant improvements to the product during construction and production.

materials & manufacture

Innovative materials and unconventional application
When choosing materials, Mr. Straka looks to other areas for new and innovative possibilities of use for proven materials of guaranteed highest quality and functionality. Thus, designerslabel will not bind itself to any one fabricator, but chooses individual materials and processing procedures according to each design and object. We make our suggestion to the client, who in turn makes the final decision.

Materials and procedures
Designerslabel harmonizes material and its use with the product, always giving high priority to our clients" requests.

Material library
Designerslabel possesses a library of various material samples, which is always up-to-date. Our clients are able to actually see and touch different types of material prior to deciding which would best suit their needs.

Use of technical know-how
Design itself is a field of constant change. Designerslabel thrives on these changes brought on by progressive development of technical possibilities. Our clients automatically profit from our new ideas and methods in the areas of material and manufacture that each product brings with it. It is extremely important for us be informed about new developments of materials and methods.