Architecture and Town planning

Our designs work the relationship between the immediate physical context and current reality more complex, linked it to the aesthetics, technology, sustainability and new forms of organization.

We design visually appealing buildings, healthy, comfortable, flexible, secure and efficient. Its ultimate goal is to generate 'emotional and economic value' for both users and their owners.

Realizamos architecture that reflects our knowledge about the use and experience of the people in your workplace and residence. For this reason we work with customers and end users to create buildings that work on all levels.

The planning area is primarily responsible for developing projects organized by the cities. From a holistic perspective faces the responsibility of educating and managing urban systems.

The shape of the city is of vital importance to their future and development time. Our team works for city planning and designing public or private promoters, always implementing parameters such as: sustainability, media ecology, evolution, connectivity and planning.

Cor performs drafting and negotiating it with the various municipal and regional bodies of the various existing town planning documents.

In promoting private urban, Cor is positioned as manager of all the procedures that are needed to carry out the Land Management. Accompanying our clients throughout the process and setting the standards and performance times to get to the trading floor. As specialists in the preparation and processing of town planning, establishment and management of Compensation Boards, reparcelaciones, enforcement, and priority development with regard to development agent and the concert.

In turn, the department also conducts real estate feasibility studies for the development of a real estate, and therefore obtaining a given return (IRR), considering all variables and continuously auditing the process.

In each case, according to market surveys suggest the best options to develop, promote either private, public (VPO, VPT) or even rent. Can reach up to the marketing on behalf of our clients, managing the purchase or sale of real estate, or the ongoing management and control of the leases.

Co is specializing in researching and writing 'municipal urban revitalization plans', proposing, after careful study, the innovations necessary for the socio-economic revival of depressed people, and the generation of a viable future for the area.